About Bright Future

If you’re a young ambitious resident of Kabul, Bright Future is here to realise your aspirations.

We are on a five year journey to improve local economic prospects for urban youth in Kabul. We do so by enabling young Afghan entrepreneurs to set up or grow their business or find promising work. We are also focussed on the development of organisations which support youth in the form of investment, training, business support, workspace, market access and social impact.

Our programs:

  • Enable young urban Afghans in Kabul to set up and grow a business;
  • Link skilled young Afghans to employers;
  • Scale up of Afghan Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • Enable and strengthen the business environment in Kabul;
  • Address key legal issues hampering business and gainful employment.

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Who are we?

Bright Future is a partnership between a diverse mix of non-profit and commercial organisations. You can meet all the partners below:


Cordaid mobilises global networks, resources and knowledge to tackle root causes of conflict and fragility in some of the most conflict-affected countries. We link relief interventions to longer term development aid and adapt our interventions to levels of fragility. In five inter-connected fields of expertise we use results based financing to create durable social impact. All our interventions are community based.

The Bayat Foundation

The Bayat Foundation is a charitable organisation that is part of The Bayat Group. The Bayat Group has improved the livelihoods, quality of life, and human security for at-risk Afghan people through more than 200 projects dedicated to building capacity and infrastructure for every man, woman and child in Afghanistan. Projects have included the construction of sustainable infrastructure, hospitals, clinics and schools in unserved and remote districts, and the development and implementation of health, education, economic, and cultural programs. The Foundation’s twelve hospitals alone have served over 2 million patients since 2006.

The Bayat Group of companies has more than fifteen years of experience building highly profitable enterprises in Afghanistan in the telecommunications, media, industrial infrastructure, energy, and financial services sectors.


1%Club is a non-profit organisation specialised in realising smart start-up ideas of young pioneers and entrepreneurs worldwide through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. Entrepreneurs gain access to knowledge, network and starting capital. In Africa the 1%Club is experienced in stimulating the startup sector as founder of the Business Incubation Lab Nailab, where 35 startups have emerged, and the Cheetah Fund, a matching fund supporting 75 smart ideas of young African entrepreneurs in 22 African countries with starting capital. It has successfully implemented these platforms in fragile countries like Somalia and Mali.

Hamida Barmaki Organisation for the Rule of Law

Hamida Barmaki Organisation for the Rule of Law is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation founded in 2013, established under the provision of Afghan laws. The organisation’s activities are concentrated on three approaches: (1) Capacity building (State, civil societies and universities) (2) Research and publication, and (3) Consultancy services/legislative reform.

Hamida Bamarki strives to adhere to international best practices in law, thus are engaged in building institutional capacities of public and private sectors, civil societies and communities in the areas of rule of law and access to justice, consultancy for public administration, women empowerment, social peace and economic development in Afghanistan.