From business idea to reality

The Business incubation program is committed to building a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kabul. The training provides business knowledge, supports in finding initial investment, and builds your network.

The incubation is composed of 32 sessions in which we create business knowledge, assist with a mentorship program and enable access to market and finance:

Business training: The training covers how to start and manage an early-stage business while being able to survive in the complicated business environment of Afghanistan. The training starts with ideation and creating entrepreneurial spirit, continues to product development and product design, market and customer segmentation, management and leadership skills, and ends with finance, administrative, fundraising and crowdfunding.

Coaching and mentorship: The mentorship sessions help increase problem solving skills while experiencing new business instructions. The mentors and coaches help you with reviewing, revising and aligning your business plan with the best practices in the market.

Networking event: Being motivated and having a business network is a key to success. These events support incubatees to build a business network.

Access to finance ‘crowdfunding’: The crowdfunding stage of the program facilitates the start-ups to generate initial investment, while validating their businesses and building a network to pitch their ideas to first customers. Curious to see which businesses have already crowdfunded? Check it out here.

Post-graduation support: After graduation, the founder/cofounder will be supported through the provision of mentorship, coaching and accessing to market network.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs and welcome committed youth that personally attend at least 80% of training and events. The following criteria are managed:

  • Men and women aged 18 to 35 years old
  • Currently under- or unemployed
  • Have a business idea and the commitment and drive to participate in a 6-month business incubation and training program with 2 half-days of mandatory participation in the training sessions and minimum 2 half-days of practical work
  • Can allocate an additional 5-6 hours/week to complete assignments and develop a business
  • Officially register a business
  • Have good English reading, speaking and writing skills