Business Acceleration

Our Bright Future business acceleration pathway is dedicated to supporting and promoting entrepreneurship in Kabul. Our flagship accelerator programme provides high-potential businesses with access to knowledge, networks, and capital necessary to grow.

We are inviting ambitious entrepreneurs in Kabul to apply to join the next track of 15 businesses starting in April 2019.  Applications start on February 17 and end on March 10.

Our accelerator programme provides you with all you need to grow your business. We’ll help you refine your business model, improve your business practices and business performance, and get ready for investment. The accelerator programme is delivered through 5 different components over a period of six months, each guiding you along on your path to growth:

a) Eight engaging business training modules to help you build your entrepreneurial and management skills, and give you practical tools to analyse your business and gather valuable insights.

b) Coaching and mentoring to digest course learnings, help you through key business decisions, and encourage you to set goals and make action plans.

c) Dedicated Consultants to Develop, enhance and revise your business plans to help your business accelerate.

d) Inspiring events that will introduce you to the wider entrepreneurial community, where you might just make the right connections.

e) Access to skilled employees that will unlock your business potential.


Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for driven entrepreneurs who are eager to learn and ready to grow their businesses. We expect committed business owners that personally attend at least 80% of training and events.

The accelerator programme is open to businesses that match the following criteria:

1. Have received a License from the authorities and concerned line ministries of Afghanistan;

2. Should be with the minimum age of 6 months and maximum age of 2 years. SMEs that were established before the year 2017 or before the solar year 1396 are not eligible.

3. Should be 100% Afghan owned;

4. Have a physical address, for example, office, workshop, warehouse, factory, shop etc;

5. Should have active sales and/or production.

6. Are based in Kabul


Other terms and conditions

A Bright Future programme is aimed at enabling youth and businesses to generate gainful employment and the furthering of a conducive economic environment. All services provided by A Bright Future are free and will remain free. We believe the below listed points should be considered before enrolling in the programme.

1. A Bright Future does not make payments for programme participants to participate, including to attend training, coaching and other supporting events;

2. Beneficiaries graduating from previous support programmes who are looking to participate should clearly state their reasoning in their application;

3. Beneficiaries enrolled in the programme are responsible for attending at least 80% of training, coaching and mentoring classes. In case of failure, the beneficiary will not be rewarded with further support or services.

To express interest in our acceleration programme please tell us about you and your business here .