Strengthening the ecosystem

If you think you can help entrepreneurs to access experience, knowledge, space, resources, markets and investment. Then this is the home for you.

If you spend your time helping others achieve their potential, then consider us your friends. We’re here to promote you, to connect the dots and to unleash resources. More than anything, we’re here to ensure that we’re better together – doing more as a collective than we could do on our own.

We do four main things:

  1. We build common purpose – we bring together unlikely allies from investors to humanitarians, from entrepreneurs to community activists, from the mayor to artists, to build a collective vision for a thriving Afghanistan. And then we set about helping make this vision a reality in the following ways.
  2. We invest in collective assets – we build and develop tools, spaces and materials that support lots of different people at the same time, ranging from makerspaces to a membership club.
  3. We bring together everyone who provides support – we hold lots of meetups and masterclasses for anyone providing support to entrepreneurs to help foster collaboration and improve our impact.
  4. We inspire and open doors for entrepreneurs – we host ‘Unlikely Allies Tours’ and a ‘Trade Mission’ to connect people with amazing ideas and drive to all the support they deserve to thrive

You’ve got ideas. Things to make happen. Places to go. People to see. And as you journey, this is our small gift. A Membership Card that opens doors. It opens doors to people and services to help you, just in time, anytime. It’s your access card to the knowledge, experience, resources, infrastructure, markets, finance and help you deserve. We believe in you. And this is your passport to support the brave, difficult yet amazing journey you have begun.