Landing your dream job

If you’re looking for your dream job and feel like you need support to prepare for the application process and the world of work, then join our job readiness trainings.

Job readiness training and 21st century skills training will equip you with the skills preferred by employers in Afghanistan. We will support you with the tips and tricks to secure your dream job. If you successfully complete the training, the Bright Future team will use its network to match you with a suitable employer.

  • Job readiness training: 134 hours of training in the subjects of Job Skills Development, Market Trends, Pre and Post-Employment Readiness and Labor Law. Each training session will consist of one three-hour class. Class sessions will be conducted five to six days per week.
  • Internships: getting your first work experience while doing an internship. Upon completion of training, participants will get their first foot in the door with employers. The internship is typically completed within a three to six-month period. In some cases, after completion of the internship period, employers may provide interns with a formal offer of employment.
  • Matchmaking: after completion of the internship, Bright Future will offer continuous support to match you with an employer.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for driven individuals that are eager to enter the world of work. We expect committed participants to attend at least 80% of the trainings and events. The job readiness program is open for any individual that meets the following criteria:

  • Men and women aged 18 to 35 years
  • University Degree from any universities in Afghanistan or abroad, 2 & 4 years graduates (Business Administration, General Management, Sales, Marketing, HR, Communication, Customer Services and, Project Management)
  • Interested applicants should not have any prior work experience
  • Applicants should be residents of Kabul City