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Membership Card

You’ve got ideas. Things to make happen. Places to go. People to see. And as you journey, this is our small gift. A Membership Card that opens doors. It opens doors to people and services to help you, just in time, anytime. It’s your access card to the knowledge, experience, resources, infrastructure, markets, finance and help you deserve. We believe in you. And this is your passport to support the brave, difficult yet amazing journey you have begun.

The Membership Services are powered by our partners:

Afghanistan Yellow Pages - Business Directory

  1. Free registration on Afghanistan Yellow Pages

  2. 40% discount on advertisements

  3. Open doors to their connections

  4. Market Survey with discounted amount

Tonext - Data base Development, Web Development, domain and hosting services

  1. Next Book: Accounting Solution - 30% Discount

  2. Website Development - 30% Discount

  3. System Development - 30% Discount

  4. MIS Application Development - 30% Discount

  5. Hosting (with a free domain for each hosting) - 30% Discount

ACE (Afghanistan Center for Excellence) - Consultancy Company - Co-working Space - Trainings

  1. General Trainings offered by ACE

  2. Co-working Space in near future

  3. Open Doors

  4. Advising and Counciling

  5. Specific and to the demand trainings

AHG (Afghanistan Holding Group) - Financial Services and ISP services

  1. They are working on an application similar to Entertainer which works Dubai, this application gives the opportunity to use from discounted services/products. They will launch it soon. they are giving that application to our incubatees.

  2. Financial Services: they will provide with discounts in their financial services

  3. Quick Books: AHG is the Quick Book partner in Afghanistan so they can give free license of Quick Books.

  4. They can provide information sessions on Tax clearance in Afghanistan

  5. Internet Services: They have a special package for those who want to have more 10MB or more internet package and they charge 100$/MB and if you want to have less than 10MB its much more expensive. He agreed to give us 100$/MB even if they are required less than 10MB like event 1MB or 2MB.

AGHAEZ Professional Services - Business Consultancy - Incubation Services

  1. Startup Grind is a paid event they can be free or discounted

  2. Incubation programs (Discounted or Free)

  3. Counseling (Limited) times per month

  4. Co-working space

Bayat Foundation - Basically Media

  1. Providing opportunity while their sales and business events to market their service or product. It’s basically inviting, facilitating and promoting them

  2. They can offer 50% to 60% discount in creating in door graphic advertisements

  3. They can cover with their media team the events organized by our startups

  4. Advertisement through Ariana TV and Radio

  5. They can arrange meetings for our startups to meet the senior staff of Bayat Foundation from different departments to hear more about their experience

Cordaid - Research and Expert services

Sharing data with our startups and setting up meetings with their technical team in case we had startups in their relevant fields

Pearl Horizon - Consultancy Company

  1. Afghanistan Business Summit Conference

  2. Access to 300 CEOS through their network.


  1. Co-working Space (The Hub) - 40% discount

  2. Complete Branding - 40% discount

  3. Choob - 10% to 20%

  4. Business Consultancy (case by case offers)

  5. Specific Trainings – 40% discount

  6. Media – Discount


Cordaid has

The Bayat Foundation

The Bayat Foundation, is a

1% Club

1% Club is a

Hamida Barmaki Organisation for the Rule of Law

Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law is a non-governmental and


ASARA is an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led firm, managed by a group of


Civic is a change accelerator.