Success stories

Ahmad Zubair Aref, Youth@Work Alumni

Ahmad Zubair Aref lives with his family in Kabul. He graduated from the Communication and Journalism department of Kabul University in 2019. During his studies, he worked as a producer/presenter with one of the local television, but when he graduated he started looking for employment in a similar field with other organisations, in order to add further more pivotal experience to his career.

Zubair read about the Bright Future Program via Facebook. He contacted the Bright Future team and enrolled in Youth@Work.


Zubair further adds: “[Actually] these efforts are based on mutual cooperation between employees and their respective organizations. So, while considering the direct relation between organization and employee, the Bright Future Program provides comprehensive learning and training packages in this regard to the job seekers, which guides them to reach the desired career goals.”

Overall, Mr. Zubair experience from Bright Future Program is outstanding. He says: “In fact, I learned a lot from the Bright Future Program and indeed, it guided me through successful directions. The Bright Future Program proved very effective and impactful for me and I am sure the other alumni will also have a beneficial experience from it. Bright Future Program helped me in every part of my career, especially in the labor, business, and tax laws. My feedbacks and evaluation for Bright Future Program is very positive and will recommend it to other youth as well. I’m deeply happy that I was a part of Bright Future Program trainees and I will always welcome such important opportunities which are paving the way for a bright future ahead.”

Thanks to the professional training, Mr. Zubair currently has been able to achieve what he was dreaming of. He is currently working as a Media & Communication Assistant at BrightPoint Consulting Services.

Hard-working, perseverance, honesty, and loyalty are the main impactful elements in Mr. Zubair Aref’s professional and personal life.

Zubair Aref has a message for those who are not yet benefited from Bright Future Program: “If you want to have the upper hand in your tasks or prove yourself a valuable, effective, and successful employee for your organization then joins the Bright Future Program.”

Sajia Rahimi, Founder of Rahimi Poultry Production and Farm

“I was thinking of starting my own business, but it was just an idea. When I heard about the Bright Future Program for Business Incubation, the fire of success burned in heart and I applied.


The program taught me how to establish my company, how to segment the targeted customers and reach them plus many more business insights from trainers, mentors, coaches and motivational speakers. They encouraged me to work hard for my business goals”.

Abdul Hasib Rahimi, Founder of NIMA AMIN Financial Services

“I initially started working at a logistics company as a Finance Assistant and then as Finance Officer promoting to Finance Manager as well as General Director. Since I had enough experience in the finance field, I knew that I could lead my own company. I conducted basic market research to identify my target customers in 2017 and searched for some places for the office. One of our business clients informed me about the Bright Future Business Incubation Program. Although my field is Finance and this is related to business administration, I did not have enough technical knowledge about starting a new business and managing it so I applied. We have experienced a very good five months in Bright Future Business Incubation Program, with great sessions from how to start a business to managing it to sustaining it. We were able to develop our most essential plans and strategies during the BFP program and NIMA AMIN has been growing faster and reaching more customers, thanks to the program.

Hafiz Sarwari, Bright Future Almuni and Founder of

Hafiz Sarwari (27) has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Polytechnic University. After graduating, he was not able to find a suitable job, but there was pressure to provide an income for his family. He decided to open a small grocery shop. After a few months of hard work, Hafiz’s shop was growing so much that he moved to a larger place and started a supermarket. One day, Hafiz and his brother were thinking of expanding their business online and started a Facebook account called Mandawee Online. After posting a few basic photos of their products, they got an order. Hafiz could not believe it – it was an order of 70,000 AFN!

Hafiz says: “We called the customer and told them they must pay half of the total amount in advance. The customer agreed, paid the advance and we were able to deliver the full list within 2 days.” This was the start of bigger dreams about growing their online store.

One day I attended an event on Afghani start-ups. That event inspired me a lot, I learned about the journey of entrepreneurship.

I also learned about the Business Incubation program and  decided to apply with my new grocery online market idea – Sawda.” During the program I learned a lot about branding, service, quality of service, marketing plan, business plan, and more. It was a life-changing journey for me.” The business is growing and hiring new employees every month. Hafiz is thankful to Allah and then to Bright Future Program Afghanistan for making his dream coming true.