Our story


Our story.


If you’re a young ambitious resident of Kabul - Bright Future is here to support you to realise your aspirations to the full.

We are on a five year journey to help improve local economic prospects for urban youth in Kabul by enabling young Afghan entrepreneurs to setup and grow their business or to find promising work and opportunities. We are also focussed on supporting the development of organisations providing support in the form of investment, training, knowledge, work and manufacturing space, market access and social impact.

Our five main areas of focus:

1. Enable young urban Afghans in Kabul to set up and grow a business;

2. Link skilled young Afghans to employers;

3. Scale up Afghan SMEs by providing Business Development Support services;

4. Improve the business enabling environment; and

5. Address key issues hampering the ease of doing business and gainful employment.

Time frame: March 2017 – March 2021

We are grateful for the financial investment of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bright Future is a partnership between a diverse mix of non-profit and commercial organisations. We’d like to introduce you to the partners.


Cordaid has been active in Afghanistan since 2001 and has been carrying out its Conflict Transformation program there since 2011. This program provides basic healthcare to 100,000 people and enables 120,000 small-scale farmers to produce more food.

The program also tackles the problems of domestic violence and maternal mortality and provides support for women, training them in areas that include nursing, and involving them in decision-making processes. Cordaid does all this by supporting competent Afghan NGOs in the way they analyze and take on local problems and link up the target group’s interests with national and international policy making.

The Bayat Foundation

The Bayat Foundation, is a charitable organization, part of The Bayat Group has improved the livelihoods, quality of life, and human security for at-risk Afghan people through more than 200 projects dedicated to building capacity and infrastructure for every man, woman and child in Afghanistan. Projects have included the construction of sustainable infrastructure, hospitals, clinics and schools in unserved and remote districts, and the development and implementation of health, education, economic, and cultural programs. The Foundation’s twelve hospitals alone have served >2 million patients since 2006.

The Bayat Group of companies has more than fifteen years of experience building highly profitable enterprises in Afghanistan in the telecommunications, media, industrial infrastructure, energy, and financial services sectors. Key operating entities include: Afghan Wireless, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN) and Bayat Energy.

1% Club

1% Club is a Dutch non-profit organization, specialized in realizing smart startup ideas of young pioneers and entrepreneurs worldwide through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. Entrepreneurs gain access to knowledge, network and starting capital. In Africa the 1% Club is experienced in stimulating the startup sector as founder of the Business Incubation Lab Nailab, where 35 startups have emerged, and the Cheetah Fund, a matching fund supporting 75 smart ideas of young African entrepreneurs in 22 African countries with starting capital. It has successfully implemented these platforms in fragile countries like Somalia. The 1% Club runs a three-year employment and employability programme in Nigeria, Mali and Somalia.

Hamida Barmaki Organisation for the Rule of Law

Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2013, established under the provision of Afghan laws. The organization’s activities are concentrated on three approaches: Capacity building (State, civil societies and universities), research and publication, and consultancy services/legislative reform.

The organization strives to adhere to international best practices in law, thus are engaged in building institutional capacities of public and private sectors, civil societies and communities in the areas of rule of law and access to justice, consultancy for public administration, women empowerment, social peace and economic development in Afghanistan.

Generally, the area of operation is inclusive of providing professional trainings and mentorship to build the capacity of the professional staff of Afghan justice institutions and public administration, as well as, related non-state organizations. The organization cooperates with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the areas of judicial and administrative reforms, especially in relation to access to justice and the rule of law, engaging in research and publication of materials relating to the rule of law, human rights and social peace in Afghanistan.


ASARA is an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led firm, managed by a group of professionals. Our expertise consists of entrepreneurship & private sector development, workforce development, digital marketing, job creation, innovation management, outsourcing, strategic communication, and campaign management.

We have highly qualified and experienced team and consultants. On average, our team has more than a decade of experience in public, private, and nonprofit sectors with a deep understanding of Afghan context. Our team holds graduate level degrees from various top universities inside and outside Afghanistan.

Our vision is to be the leading firm offering innovative solutions to socio-economic challenges in Afghanistan and to provide excellent services to different public and private clients. In addition, ASARA owns ventures such as The Hub and


Civic is a change accelerator. We bring together unlikely allies, people-powered ideas and shared assets to help make change happen faster, cheaper and better, together. We're a small, global start-up - more a movement than an organisation.


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