October 11, 2018

Successful Incubation Training Sets the Stage for Afghanistan’s Brightest Entrepreneurs

ASARA has successfully completed the training part of the Bright Future pilot business incubation track, where the incubates received comprehensive trainings on Entrepreneurship, Business, Communication, Legal, Branding, Finance, and Crowdfunding. The Entrepreneurship sessions were mainly focused on the business environment and the entrepreneurs’ idea’s feasibility, throughout which incubates conducted thorough research on their business ideas, market demand and started off with brainstorming and developing the first draft of their business plans.

The Business sessions, on the other hand, delved into each entrepreneurs’ specific business details. Over the course of this process, most entrepreneurs decided to change their business ideas, mostly after the market research and idea feasibility sessions were covered. During the Business sessions, ASARA’s expert trainers and mentors helped entrepreneurs to conduct research in choosing their new business ideas by considering the implementation feasibility of ideas in the Afghan market. The Business session contributed to Entrepreneurs’ realization of the importance of designing startups that are not only sustainable and profitable but also add value to and serve the community. Besides, ASARA conducted pitching sessions, where each of the entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the panel. The panel included our business trainers, coaches and mentors and the ideas presented were challenged by the panel in order to make them dig deeper into their ideas and think outside the box. Afterwards, all entrepreneurs were scheduled for an in-person consultation with ASARA’s trainers and mentors in order to discuss doubts and challenges they encountered while developing their business plans. Based on the experts’ feedback, they revised and submitted the second draft of their business plans to the business mentor.

ASARA’s communication trainer aimed at making entrepreneurs understand the value of strong communication skills in developing and running a business, which included writing professional e-mails and other communication essentials for a startup. The legal training, lasting two weeks, was organized by our partner Hamida Baramaki Rule of Law Organization (HBRLO), and was focused on labor, tax, and commercial law.

Moreover, ASARA’s branding expert/trainer delivered two sessions on the importance of branding and designed the startup logos in consultation with the entrepreneurs themselves. The branding sessions were followed by Finance, where our trainer assisted the entrepreneurs in managing the financial aspect of their startups and developing their initial investment plan along with business registration and tax clearance in Afghanistan. Importantly, the entrepreneurs also received training on “access to capital” through crowdfunding, where the entrepreneurs were enabled to design and develop their crowdfunding mechanism for securing their initial investment.

Furthermore, ASARA also conducted regular motivational sessions throughout the course of the incubation to encourage, inspire and further motivate the entrepreneurs. Top established entrepreneurs and successful business personalities in Afghanistan were invited to share their business journeys with the entrepreneurs.

ASARA also organized a learning tour to ArtLords and Mumtaz House with the cooperation of our partner organization, CIVIC. Entrepreneurs’ feedback on the learning tours were quite positive as it motivated them to work harder for bringing positive change in the country. Entrepreneurs also visited the embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands, where some of them got the opportunity to pitch their ideas to H.E.  Ambassador Geoffrey van Leeuwen. 

The entrepreneurs received world-class knowledge and skills on how to start and run a successful business in Afghanistan, developed feasible business ideas, pitched their ideas and have been challenged on making their ideas feasible and perfect; equipped with business plans, professional branding and necessary tools to start a business in Afghanistan. They are ready to kick-start their startups, create jobs and contribute to enhancement the economic cycle of Afghanistan.