September 18, 2019

Why apply for the Bright Future ‘Grow your Business’ program?

Cordaid and Bayat Foundation have extensive experience working with the private sector, and specifically in supporting SMEs. This has given us a deep understanding of the realities and challenges of navigating and growing a business in Afghanistan, especially for young people in contexts where youth unemployment is often high.

The Bright Future programme has run for 2 years now, in which time we have observed great progress from the participants. We have leveraged our local expertise and knowledge of the Afghan Private Sector to produce a programme that is contextual to Kabul and the youth living and working there, whilst still applying our best international practices, tools and methods delivered with the business owner in mind.

Our trainings focus on practical learning and the development of valuable vocational skills and are highly interactive. These give you the tools to refine and improve your business model. We understand that as business owners your needs are unique and our course aims to sharpen your experience whilst introducing creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Our innovative technical assistance placement models provide you with intensive, on-site support that is guaranteed to produce tangible improvements in your business processes and activities.